Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

One if my favorite MJ joints of all times.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Worst of the Best & Best of the Worst

Hello. This is actually I list I comprise up back in July of 2008 that I never got around to finishing. Anyway, after posting so many blogs on hip hop, one thing I never did was open up to some of the actual songs that were hot from artists that I liked, but I hated the songs, although it seemed everyone else loved them.

Also, even though I'm perceived as a hip hop head, I'll admit it's some fun songs that I wouldn't consider the best & probably get me scorned in the hip hop community for admitting that I liked it. For example, I actually liked Ja Rule's music b4 he let 50 take him out of his lane. Also, I used to sing along with Ginuwine to that Nas "U Owe Me" joint. But hey my list gets worst. Those are just examples.

First off let me acknowledge the songs you might've loved, but did nothing for me in the beginning. Some grew on me later, others, well... I learn to tolerate it.

Top 10 Songs I Originally Hated by Artists I Love
1. 2Pac - California Love
I know I'll get a lot of flack for this, but fuck it. I hated it when it first came out, even though I was a Dre & Roger Troutman fan. The reason was I felt it was out of 2Pac's element at the time.. or at least what I was used to. Plus I felt it was a subliminal hit at the East Coast. I just hated this new image of 2Pac going from attacking corrupt politicians & other racist figures to attacking his own bruthas based on coast or opinions (at the time.) I felt like if Biggie & Puff had something to do with his shooting, it should've stayed btw those camps instead of dragging the whole coast into it & anyone who spoke indifferent. But aside from that, I didn't like the sample used with it. Now I did like the original beat on the album version by Dr. Dre using his traditional G-funk style.

2. The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy
When I first heard this I saw Biggie as an overrated rapper trying to ride off the West Coast dick with an East Coast sound, plus I thought the Mtume sample was too obvious & played out (should've been left alone.). Even today, even though I like the song, it's definitely a dumb downed Biggie, but I respect it now. Becuz truthfully, even lyricist have to dumb down on occasions to get a point across (i.e. Nas' " I Can"). I almost didn't get the album based on this first single & verse on Flava In Ya Ear. Even though his verse was nice... from a battling & punchline standpoint, he was so-so to me lyrically. But after I got his album (thanks to a friend that let me listen to his) I realize. Damn, I underestimated the man. But this is still one of my least favorite joint on Biggie's debut.

3. A Tribe Called Quest - I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
Crazy thing, since I'm probably the biggest ATCQ fan ever now. BUt originally, I liked it from a comedic standpoint (the video), but I couldn't see myself wanting to play it on my cassette player. I thought it was corny at the time, especially the chorus. Then they came with BOnita Applebaum. I liked it better, but still antsy. After getting 5 mics from the Source, & everybody... I mean folks that actually listened to real hip hop kept co-signing them, I finally broke down in 92 & got both the first & Low End Theory at the same time. And crazily, I love that song now. LOL

4. MC Lyte - Ruffneck
Til this day, this is my least favorite MC Lyte hit song. I felt she let ppl get in her head saying she needed to come harder after mixed reviews of her 3rd album (Act Like You Know), where she first started wearing make up, & dropped "WHen In Love". I admit, I wasn't big on that song, but honestly, with the exception of that & maybe 1 or 2 tracks out of about 17 songs, that album was tight. But ppl judged her off one track & she jumped on that Onyx/MOP Hardcore bandwagon spitting extra hard... like she wasn't hard b4 her first 2 albums. But also Boss came out that year, so every female starting playing the "gangsta bitch". (sadly... even YoYo). To me, that joint & album was more of the disappointment than the previous. Becuz at least the previous showed growth & maturity of a tomboy becoming a strong positive woman. While she was almost forced to becoming a butch on that album. Although the album did have some great moments, as a whole, I wish she would've stuck to her guns.

5. Salt-n-Pepa - Push It
I respect what this song did for not only SNP, but female rappers in general, b/c they opened the doors for them to not only sell records but get major deals. This gave birth to a lot of copycat girl groups trying to make that next party record. But honestly, compared to the original joints off their first album, this song was wack to me. Ain't no way "Push It" topped "Chick On The Side", My Mic Sound Nice", "Tramp", "I'll Take Your Man"... hell the whole album... including "Showstoppers" (response to Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick's "The Show") that was done 2 years earlier. Even now, my mind goes blank when this joint bumps on the radio. "Shake Your Thang" should've got more exposure than that, cuz not only was it a party song, the lyrics were fun to hear & better crafted.

6. Busta Rhymes - I Got U All In Check (Woo Hah)
I get hyped like I'm on ecstacy when I hear this now. But back when this joint first came out, I thought it was retarded. It was just weird to me, especially when it first premiered, & that "Everything Remains Raw" came on. I was bumping my head as hard as his multiple figures in that Range Rover. Then he came when that kiddie beat & lost my mojo. It took me finally getting the album for this joint to grow on me. But I really loved it when he remixed it with ODB (R.I.P.)

7. Fugees - "Killing Me Softly"
I know a lot of females are gonna bite my head off for this. But I'm sorry. I love Lauryn Hill & I loved the original "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack. I even loved Al B. Sure's version. But I couldn't get into the Fugees' version. Lauryn killed it lyrically, but the beat was so simple, it killed it for me. Plus it was out of place on the album to me. I think if Clef would've played the original beat on his guitar (like the intro) instead of the 4 beats per bar, I would've liked it better. Every time this song comes on the radio, I go to another channel & I always skip over it when I play the album. Again, sorry ladies. But I blame Clef... like Canibus did for his first album. LMAO

8. Jay Z feat. Foxy Brown - Ain't No....
I hated this song based off the strength that it got more buzz than his first single, "Dead Presidents." When his first single dropped, I was all gassed & telling everybody to watch out for him.... he was mad nice. At that time, I saw him as the next Nas. But when he dropped this joint, I was like EPMD already used it & did a better job with it. And I love Foxy & her voice, but it like her verse never ended. Although I would've preferred just her verse alone on that song & take Jigga off. LOL. Then after hearing other joints, I hated this more, becuz to me, it was definitely meant for commercial status. But it worked, so I ain't mad at him.

9. Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead (feat. Will-I-Am)
Nas got lazy on this song (and the first few songs of the albums). With a title like Hip Hop Is Dead, I just knew he was gonna kill it & try to bring some resurrection to the game. But I should've known better off the strength that Will-I-Am produced it... even though I love what he did with Common (I Have A Dream). ANd to make matters worse, he used the exact same sample he used on "Thief's Theme" which IMO was a 10 time much better song lyrically & how the sample was done (much more gritty & sinister).

10. Eminem & Dr. Dre - Guilty Conscious
I thought "My Name Is.." was funny as hell, but I didn't see it as something I could rock with. Although I liked his delivery & lyrics, I saw him as a twisted white version of Will Smith during his "Fresh Prince" days or even Kwame. And when this 2nd single came out, I just thought it was predictable. Oh wow. A Dr. Dre/ Slim collabo. I did like the good conscious vs. bad conscious idea, but the beat was too typical of Dre to me & again, saw it as something funny, but couldn't take Eminem serious as a dope emcee. It wasn't until his 3rd single "Role Model" & a co-worker let me listen to her copy of his debut album that I started liking him.

Dishonorable Mentions
1. Ice Cube - The Bop Gun : Leave the funk to the pros (Parliament, George Clinton & so on...)
2. Common - Ghetto Heaven (remix): The original with D'Angelo was bananas. Why the hell they took it from the album & replaced with the wack version with Macy Gray IDK.
3. E-40 & Suga T - Sprinkle Me. I used to mock Suga T's high pitched. I used to think she was wack. But I heard her on a Lyricist Lounge freestyle & honey was straight fire. Plus this ended up being one of those songs that grew on me.
4. DMX - Get Me At Dog: he won me with follow up joints, esp. Ruff Ryders Anthem.

Top 10 Hip Hop Guilty Pleasures
1. Dem Franchise Boyz - "I Think They Like Me" feat. Bow Wow & Brat - Brat killing that verse is what won me.
2. Technitronik "Pump Up The Jam".)
3. Marky Mark - Good Vibrations (I liked it from a work out regime & club banger. But not from a hip hop perspective.)
4. MC Hammer - Pump It Up (That shit was slamming back in the days... especially with B. Angie B. singing on the hook.)
5. Luke - Doo Doo Brown (The stripper anthem of all times.)
6. B Rock & The Bizz - "My Baby Daddy" (hilarious. B/c I knew a girl that talked just like the chick in the song. But "T-bird, I luh you.")
7. Project Pat - "Chicken Head" (another funny track with a funny video. I might be wrong, but LA Chat was perfect for the video cuz she looked like a chickenhead.)
8. KP & Envyi - "Shorty Swing My Way" (Joint still makes me wanna dance.)
9. Sadat - "Funk Dat" (We had fun with this joint back in the days where we'd come with our own questions & yell.... FUNK DAT)
10. Snap - "I Got The Power" ( I actually liked this version better than Chill Rob G's version, b/c of the chick singing.)

Dishonorable Mentions (& I Don't Care)
C&C Music Factory - Make You Sweat
US-3 - Cantaloop (Actually this joint sounds better than it did back then. I can't believe cats actually hated on this. Might go back & get that album.)
PM Dawn - Paper Dolls (liked them until they disrespected my man, KRS-One)

I had to go & find this LMAO.....!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Confess: I Love A Good Girl Fight

Throughout my myspace experience, I've received a lot of props & a lot of love from the sistas. Actually it was the women that showed me more love & support on more than one occasion. And even though I don't consider myself a dog, I am guilty of one thing I must confess. As a kid, I was always a sucker for a chick fight. Whenever their was any action cartoon where a fight existed, I'd always look forward to see the good girl fight against the villioness. (e.g. Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah on Superfriends. or Evil Lynn & Teila or the Sorceress on HeMan.) I guess it came from always being taught that boys were not suppose to Chris Brown.... ooops... I meant... hit a girl. So it was always cool to see a real bitch get her ass handed to her by another woman.

So you know, I was a huge fan of GLOW. True, the fakeness was sooooo obvious when they wrestled. But where else did you see women go at it. Seeing good girls go at the vixens. And every now & then, cheered for the ahem.... vixens like Hollywood & Vine, Spanish Red, & the Soul Patrol. But Tina & Ashley were unbeatable (Tina Fierri would later become Ivory on the WWF). But the Russian, Colonel Ninochka had them all beat. Even good guys fiend for a bad girl every now & then. LMAO. This was before WWF brought women wrestling back with divas like Jacki, Sable, Trish Stratus & Lita. I still would've love to see Chyna & Nicole Bass go at it back then.

But 2 of my favorite female fights have got to be Kill Bill (actually 3 of my favorites came from that movie (B vs. Elle & B vs. Black Momba being 2 of the 3. O Ren Ishii's fight was nice, but not as exciting... although I loved the fight scenes leading up to it with the Crazy 8.) But my favorite was Beatrice vs. GoGo, b/c it was so unexpected & she came closer than anyone to taking Beatrice out in a fair one on one. (Is it me or does GoGo remind me of Mya)

My next favorite girl fight is from Player's Club... Diamond vs. Ronny (extra for slapping that bitch, Trixie. LMAO) Acting might've been suspect, but that fight scene made up for it.

Here are a few girl fights I would love to see & who I think would win.

1. Wilma Flintstone vs. Betty Rubble
(The way Wilma used to beat up on Fred, you know she'd kick Betty's ass.)

2. Marge Simpson vs. Lois Griffin
Marge has suppressed anger dealing with an idiot for a husband, & a juvenile delinquent (Bart). I think if she released that, Meg got some competition. But Meg ain't no joke. Look how many times she whipped Peter's ass & anyone that crossed her? Plus, she has a retard for a husband (Peter) & a future terrorist for a son (Stewie).

3. Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl
(one chunk of Kryptonite & Supergirl's a punching bag. Plus Wonder Woman got her with experience & skills while Supergirl might be stronger. She's immature. Plus the way Wonder Woman's been upgraded from the beginning to now with the Justice League, there was an episode where she gave Superman a run for his money. lol)

4. Cast of Girlfriend vs. Cast of Living SIngle
(No competition there. Living Single would whip Girlfriends asses. Synclaire might be the weak link to LS, but Girlfriend got 2 weak nonviolent women (Joan & Lynn) & a prima donna. Regine might consider herself a diva, but honey still street. Plus touch her weave, & you know it's curtains. And you know Khadijah & Max can whip that ass (probably all 4 by themselves), while Toni's more worried about her weave. Maya's the baddest chick in girlfriend, but seriously outnumbered.)

5. Nell Carter (circa 80's) vs. Monique
This would be the battle of all battles here. Nell didn't take shit from anbody. Even though she was the housekeeper, she kept Karl Keninski in order... a cop. But Monique is a hell raiser too, especially when you fuck with Professor Olgabee. Plus she's a crazy psycho chick, so I gots to give it to Monique. But it'll be very close.

6. Batgirl vs. Catwoman
(Catwoman b/c she has experience on her side, plus she's manipulative & can easily catch Batgirl at a blank moment to get the upper hand.)

7. Old Vivian vs. New Vivian (of Fresh Price of Bel Air)
(Original Viv would whip her ass. lol)

8. One for the ages ///// Ginger vs. Mary Ann

Mary Ann's a country girl, she'd beat the hell out of Ginger, plus she wouldn't want to get her hands dirty, anyway.

9. Coral (from Real World) vs. New York (from Flavor of Love)

This would be a dream match cuz these are the biggest bitches in reality show history. They've been mostly all bark with no bite (esp. NY). But Coral have kicked ass in actual athletic events (RW/RR Challenges), so she definitely got fight in her. But I'd love to see Coral.... "not wrestle, but beat bitches (like NY) down." Plus Coral has kinda, ummm, grown on me over the years. LOL

10. Monica vs. Brandy (90's classic battle of the brawls)

Monica would destroy Brandy. Come on.... she's from the A. Country street chick. Gotta be bias, since I'm from GA.

Honorable Mentions

The Destiny Children: Beyonce & Kelly vs. LeToya & LaTavia. (Would be a great grudge match, but I can see Beyonce's father tossing a chair at one of the new girls to help his daughter win. Along with Michelle in the background taking cheapshots while pretending to be so holy singing gospel songs. LOL. So by the numbers game... Beyonce hands down.... oh yeah. & Kelly too. LOL

Lil' Kim vs. Foxy Brown. (Foxy... but then again, Kim wouldn't scared to swing at BIG or her own pops. So Foxy better keep a cell handy as a weapon. LOL)

Dark Angel vs. Lara Croft (tough call... but I love me some Jessica Alba)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Gift & The Curse of An Artist

You know, it's amazing what life throws at you. Things are so much easier when you're a kid when you can only sit back & imagine how you want your life to be when you grow up. But even while pursuing them & succeeding in it, instead of smiling for fulfilling a childhood dream, instead, you ask yourself, was it really worth it.

When I was a kid, I just wanted to draw. I didn't know anything about computers, until 9th grade using it for typing term papers. I didn't know anything about marketing, graphic designing or there was no such thing as a web designer. My only thought of an artist was someone who could draw or paint. And you know what? I was content with that idea.

Unlike 16 years ago, a lot of these cats now jump on the bandwagon seeing graphic design as simple as putting text, clip arts (not their own) & pictures together with colorful fonts acquired on CDs & also learning new tricks & filters in Photoshop & call themselves graphic artists. This is not a stab at graphic designers that can't draw, b/c even when I was in school, some of the best GD couldn't draw, paint or sketch, but they made up for it by being creative with cut & pasting. So it was still an art to their craft. But regardless, we didn't have the computer to actually do the work FOR us.

But I'm knocking the computer either. I just realize as much as I love it & how it's made my job a lot easier, it's also taken a lot of the fun away from my position. Becuz before I was a Graphic Artist or a commercial artist, I was simply just an Artist. And the beauty of being an artist was having the ability to express yourself through whatever craft you chose. You got a chance to let ppl see who you are & what you stand for just by your work. One picture could tell an entire story.

That was the beauty of being an artist. Even at 36, my art lets me return to my inner child. I wouldn't call it a 2nd childhood as Nas would say, b/c I never left my first. It was preserved through my drawings from characters I mimmicked at 5, to those I created on my own.

When I started in my profession, I loved it. The thrill of being paid to do something that I "thought" I loved. The reason I thought I loved it was becuz it was in the art field. But it wasn't the actual ART that grew up loving.

Unlike Art, in my profession, commercial or graphic arts, you spend your life trying to sell yourself to others & to certain markets & genres. And in the end, everything you do is please everyone.... EXCEPT YOU!!!! THE ARTIST.... In this profession, it's so easy to lose touch of you are as an artist & I understand why a lot of artists turn away from it. It's exhausting, becuz it's no longer about YOU.... BUT EVERYBODY ELSE.

And when you want to do things for yourself, you're stressed for time. And sometimes, you'll be so exhausted with trying to please a client with either a logo design, a brochure, a branding, or whatever for whoever... you put yourself in the backburner with incomplete projects that may never see the light of day.

When did it become this? Just wanting to be an artist looking up to ppl like Van Gogh, Michelangelo (during the Blue Period), Harlem Renaissance artists & being inspired by comics like Spiderman, X-Men, Justice League & even G-Force just to end up as hired help trying to please everyone but yourself & many times go unnoticed & never acknowledged like X-mas elves creating the toys that Santa gets all of the praises for.

The only thing that keeps my love fresh is my sketch pad nowadays, in an age when all a person needs is a laptop & certain softwares to be considered an artist. Leaving me with a closet full of mat boards, canvas, different pads, pastels, markers, color pencils, charcoals, oil & acrylic paintings that I'll never know when they'll ever get used again. I say when, b/c I plan on it. Because no matter how much technology grows in the next 20 years, it'll never replace the meaning of true art. And you know, I won't matter who doesn't like it or prefer more "technical" work, b/c I'd want my art to go back to being about me..... Not everybody else, except me.

And plus, if we end up becoming a 3rd world country with no electricity & have to go back to square one, I'd still be able to call myself an artist. And my hieroglyphics will be dope. LOL

Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Anti-Stereotype: How Black I "Ain't"!

Here's a blog I've been sleeping on for some time now. This was something I wanted to do for ppl to get to know me a little better & to show how "Black" I'm Not. When I say that, it's in reference to how throughout the years, we have allowed ourselves to be put in a box & looked upon as monolithic sharing the same brain, the same food choices, the same lifestyle & mannerism. Like all sistas in the ghetto are hoodrats. All bruthas are dogs or hoodlums. All fathers are deadbeats. And so on. While rather than proving the obvious of these theories, I rather speak on myself on how "Black I'm Not."

1. The Fried Chicken Theory: In spite of Flavor Flav infatuation with fried chicken, that ugly cat looking straight from a Minstrel Show does not represent me. I like it to a degree, but I can go without it. The reason why chicken has always been affiliated with Blacks is not becuz it's THAT good. It was more affordable, & actually pretty good compared to the other affordable slop Blacks were forced to endure as slaves. But personally, I like baked chicken much better anyway. I every now & then try different varieties of seasonings..... lemon-pepper, garlic-pepper, honey & cinnamon, teriyaki, mesquite BBQ, etc.

2. Watermelon Theory: I liked it as a kid, but hated having to keep spitting out & picking through seeds. Honestly, the reason why it was even a summer thing for us was becuz it was big & enough to feed everyone. But I'll take a raw fresh uncut pineapple before a watermelon any day. Expensive, but good as hell. Naturally sweeter than that syrupy shit from a can. Hmmmm. Not just for mix drinks for me.

3. Hot Sauce: If I put hot sauce on a dish, it's not good enough to go without. LOL. Seriously. My mom's collards used to be the bomb. But I didn't start putting hot sauce on them until I would eat others. Including my own, since I try to eat healthier & not put pork products in my collards. But I much prefer jalapeños & recently (if I can afford it) banana peppers.

4. Slave Food (chitlings, fat back, black eyed peas)... As a kid, I loved fat back. To me, it was bacon without the meat. LOL The smell of chitlings while my mom prepared it on New Years back in the days turned me off from wanting to eat it. For the past 10 years, I cut back on pork tremendously. I only eat pork chops & occasionally eat pork sausages & ham (very seldomly), but I won't buy it. Only eat it when I'm at my moms & she has it maybe once a month. But as far as a lot of traditional foods (I call slave food, b/c it was the scraps slaves were left to eat & they made them in to delicacies.) I hardly eat them if ever.

5. Malt Liquor.... I didn't drink a beer until I was 19, when I worked for my uncle at his BBQ pit. But he didn't sell Bull or Old E. Instead he had the Millers & Budweiser. Bud was okay, until I started drinking Miller. After that I hated Bud. Back then, I didn't keep change for the soda machine, so on those hot days alone in a hot BBQ pit, you get thirsty & drink what's available. So it was more of a thirst quencher with a slight advantage. But in college, that's when I got into the Malt Liquor (among other liquors. LOL) My friends & I used to go to a convenient store across from the campus every Thursday & Friday & grab some Ol' E & whatever we could afford. But out of all the beers my lips have touched, I'd still take a Miller Genuine Draft over any beer, b/c of the taste & it's not as heavy as the others.

6. Loud booming Music..... I get irritated when I hear music too loud. Folks might say, "that's cuz you're getting old... blah blah blah." But truthfully, I always hated it. Even during the golden age in hip hop or before when cats used to have Miami bass rap music bumping through the speakers. I loved some of those joints back in the days at skating rinks & parties (e.g. Give It All You Got", "Drop the Bass", earlier Southern bass hip hop music.) But If I couldn't hear the melody or anything else besides the boom, I didn't see the point, except to impress the other cats roaming the streets. But I wasn't impressed, cuz I couldn't hear the actual music. I faked like I did as not to be "down."

7. Rocking Jewelry.... With the exception of my class ring & a fake thick gold rope I stole from my pops during the Slick Rick days (LMAO)... I've never worn jewelry, not even a cross. I don't knock anyone who wears a cross, but personally I'd always questioned why wear a symbol that represented death. I'm sure so one has a logical answer for that. But I had an issue with that back then. But over all, with the attention I got with the fake rope (some good... some bad... BUT MOSTLY GOOD) I hated a spotlight. And that's what made me stop sporting it & jewelry altogether.

8. Music.... I'm definitely a hip hop head til death. However, before rap, during the 80's when a lot of respectable Black artists started doing more poppy tunes (e.g. Aretha's "Pink Cadillac", Whitney, "How Will I Know", Lionel Richie "All Night Long") I started liking the music of the white artists (e.g. Police, Simply Red) on those same pop stations more than I did the black music. Of course that was b4 BET & before New Jack Swing brought a little more excitement & soul back into Black music. Even today with hip hop going stale in the past decade, I find myself liking the videos on VH-1 over BET. Pink always come with some dope shit. That "Please Don't Leave Me" video is dope, playing off the movie, "Misery". I love Cold Play, Gorillaz, (some) Björk, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Amy Winehouse (b4 she went crazy), John Mayer, & a few others. ANd it's a new group called MGMT who has a joint out called "Electric Feel" that I think it's tight. Reminds me of some Prince & The Revolution 80's vibe. Their videos kinda cheesy, but it makes me like it more cuz it has that old psychedelic vibe.

9. TV Shows.... Some shows that may be considered as corny to the stereotypical Black person, I can watch with no problem. Shows in syndicated such as "Friends", "Seinfeld" (after the Kramer incident I stopped, but recently started back after being out of work..... Besides George Castanza was my favorite character anyway. LOL), "Everybody Loves Raymond", & a few others. I actually watch "Save By The Bell." Although I'm tired of it. It's nothing else on when I wake up. Plus it comes on after one of my all time favorite sitcoms.... "Married WIth Children." Another favorite after Bernie Show (R.I.P.) is Malcolm In The Middle (love the theme music too) & That 70's Show.

10. Athletically Challenged..... Yeah. I said it. LOL. For the record, I can play football, volleyball & some sports. But I cannot play basketball. I'm one of those cats that passes, but never shoots. LMAO. I'll also foul like a mugg. I'm 5'9" 200 pound (short & thick), I sweat easy. LOL. All the gym & running can't help my game. I'll just sweat less. Baseball, I could play a little. (on the street). But in school, I used to choke & felt like Charlie Brown. If I was on outfield, I'd pray the ball wouldn't come my way. And damn!!!!! My issue was my left hand was much stronger & I could catch & throw with that one, but weaker with my right. If I caught the ball, I had to take off my glove to throw it or risk getting laughed at for throwing like a girl LMAO. But I eventually learned to catch with my right hand, which made me better. But still, those bad memories made me shy away from games.

ANyway.... That concludes this blog, which is not meant to depict what's Black & what's not. It's instead of destroy the myth that Black is an action word, when it's just simply what Cecily Tyson said on "Brewster Place".... Black is just Black.

What Stereotype Do You Not Fit?