Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things About Me You May or May Not Care About....

What up. After my former partner-in-ads & good friend Scott did this I had to oblige & come up with one of my own. On Myspace, I've been tagged enough times that I probably could've got away with reposting some of those. But once again, retrieving old blogs after over 3 years is like trying to pull a raw tooth from your mouth by hand. Hard & painful. Especially since the "Browse By Category" no longer works. But you know.... I write how I sketch.... straight off the head. So I'm gonna take a whip at it.

1. I come across anti-social, when really I'm just analytical. I'm very cautious of the company I keep, becuz I despise drama & fall back when it comes to those who bring it, instigate it or cause it. When it comes to friends, it's all or nothing with me. Fuck having "associates." I'm too old to hang with ppl I have to question & watch my back of. That was high school.

2. I still watch cartoons. I don't know if it's becuz I'm an artist & I feed off of it, but it's great for them days when there's nothing on the tube. I'm not too ashame of it, since my grandma used to watch the hell out of them before her death.

3. I'm a music fanatic. (no surprise there... huh? lol) Sometimes a dope CD is all it takes to get me in a good mood. In the gym, hip hop puts me in a trance where I'm in unison with the beat while I'm working out... especially during cardio. But although I primarily listen to rap (more underground or Golden Age.... not that crap on the radio.), it's nothing for me to listen to other genres. Right now, I'm loving Anthony Hamilton's new album & Coldplay.

4. I'm not a cat person. They come across sneaky, possessive, needy & manipulative...... (like some of the women I've encountered.) LOL.. I made the mistake of feeding one & it wouldn't leave me alone. It kept meowing repetitively at my door step for months. Never again.

5. I was in chorus in Jr. High. I actually wanted to continue in high school, but I didn't like the teacher at the time, & by the time they got someone new, they no longer allowed guys (baritones, tenors & bass) to join. Sucks. I would like to eventually join a church just to sing in a choir. To be honest, I'd join just to do that, cuz singing definitely feeds my soul.

6. I used to love ciphering at my old college campus. Even though I no longer aspire to be the "King of the South" (since T.I. beat me to it. LOL...), I still have a love for writing lyrics & poetry.

7. I would like to jump from a plane & sky dive some day.... (as long as it's not near water.)

8. I wear my heart on my sleeves. Becuz I didn't have any REAL friends coming up, I appreciate the friends I have & will go out of my way (if I could) to help one in need.

9. I can hold a grudge until doomsday. I've gotten better over the years, especially toward ppl I really like or respect. But it's still a problem with those I truly don't care for. And sometimes, I'd keep a grudge going to have a reason NOT to have any dealing with them at all.

10. I hate sarcastic muhfuckas... for real. I see sarcasm as a cowardice way to attack someone, especially when it's done in spite of someone that's done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Usually weak, bitch asses that's got to tear someone else a part to make them feel strong.

11. I love dogs, especially German Shepherds. They're easy to train & the most loyal breed I've ever raised. I'd like to get one when I get my living conditions situated (& find a reliable source of income..... Help me Obama.)

12. I'm experimental when it comes to cooking & eating. I'll try anything once if the ingredients sound good together. And if it's tight, I guarantee I will try to make something similar when I hit the stove.

13. The first gun I owned was a B&B gun & it got taken from me when I was a kid, b/c I got mad at my sister & a friend, Eve, & tried to shoot them with it..... speaking of that...

14. I have a quick temper. Becuz I try to be a nice guy, I get heated when someone takes my kindness for weakness. I let a lot of shit slide when I was younger. But I ain't THAT SHY anymore. lol

15. I'm a huge Adam Sandler fan. I've loved his movies since Happy Gilmore & Billy Madison. His later movies may not be as funny as his earlier ones, but they are still entertaining. My favorite is "The Waterboy" & one of my favorite all time moments was him singing "I Will Always Love You" in the shower on "Bulletproof" with Damon Wayans. I will watch any movie w/ him in it, b/c I know it's gonna be funny.

16. I signed up for the Marines straight out of high school during the original Bush Administration & almost going to war with Iraq then (1990-91). I originally joined to get the G.I. Bill for college. But in the middle of training, I got injured & was honorably discharged.

17. After so many months of job hunting, I've become frustrated with Atlanta. I'm actually considering moving to North Carolina. A friend told me Charlotte is a great city & reminiscent of ATL 10 years ago.... (before it got too big for it's britches & too big time to hire GA ppl outside of ATL). Plus, after it being 1 of 2 Southern states where Obama won, I'm already a fan. I may be making a trip there in the next couple of months. (I ain't gonna front... looking at the picture above of Charlotte, really got my interest up.)

18. I'm a sentimental pack rat. I keep everything with sentimental value behind it... from every birthday card (esp. from my cousin Latasha R.I.P.), to Christmas cards, photos, anything.

19. In the 80's, I used to love sitcoms where they spoke sign language. So I taught myself the hand alphabets & a few signs that I've forgotten.

20. I can adjust to any setting whether it's in the city, in the woods.. whatever. I can always find the beauty in any surrounding & embrace it.

21. I'm the most non-cliquish person I know. In my profession, being the only Black man majority of the time, I've learn how to communicate with anyone & learn to build relationships with others from different backgrounds & upbringing. Although, a lot of times, I've encountered some that have to remind me of what I am & have known since conception.... lol.... But the ones that look past it & see the real me & not my color makes up for the ignorance of others..... (including ig'nant black folks.... that'll screw face me having a white female friend, but won't give me the time of day, if I was alone.)

22. I do want kids someday, but I don't want babymamas. No Ring. No Seed. So don't ask why I don't have kids.

23. I chose art as a profession to spite my father who told me there was no future in it & a waste. Hmmm. That shit kept a roof over my head for the past 11 years & loved every minute of it. Regardless of my situation, I don't plan to give it up anytime soon. I'm seeing bigger plans with it. Thanks for not believing in me back then.

24. I haven't got gas from a Texaco or eaten at any Denny's Restaurant since the racial comments made back in the 90's (at Texaco) & the racial discrimination at Denny's. Even after they used Steve Harvey (ole country, non-funny bamma ass) to endorse their product, I still wasn't buying it. Told you I can hold a grudge.

25. I, every now & then, have nightmares of someone trying to run me over in a moving vehicle. I have no idea what that means. lol

Friday, January 30, 2009

Not A Freestyle... But Free Therapy

9 Months of unemployment playing with my mental. Questioning
my existence.
Cursed with the feelings of insignificance.
Thank God for my MacBook, sketch pad or composition on the looseleaf
Between gym memberships & art projects, keep myself busy
I've had my moods & moments of aggressions & mild depressions,
I digress address my confessions into poems or sketches.
This ain't a freestyle.... it's free therapy.. for Skecho PhellahG
Solitarily, rely on no other to care for me.
Adapted to being a square outside of circles, it's geometric
If I don't fit in, why force it? Never liked being pegged in
I'm that wierdo with a pen or a pencil in the back of my ear lobe
Gifted with sentences, not pursued, b/c I feel old
A father to 106 & Parkers minus the fertilization
instead stimulating the head of my membrane. With my left hand
phrases. Pages & pages I masterbath.. a
Masterpiece created in the confinements of my basement.
To release me when I'm going through phases. Hearing voices debating
my fate. But act as if I'm not hearing their conversations.
To only conclude that I'm crazy. Well... maybe. At my age, playing ...
doctor. Don't need a degree. All I need is patients. (patience)

© 2009 SkechoPhellah Publishings

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Rappers Stop Rapping

As a die hard hip hop fan, (by Bush Babee's original definition.) I'm not gonna front, I get frustrated when my favorite spitter decides out of the blue to start either singing or going a different route with their music. Although the artist in me totally understands, the fan in me hates it.

the reason why the fan in me hates it is becuz with the current direction hip hop is going, it sucks already to having to deal with the noise pollution of a Souljah Boi & oversaturation of T-Pain & Lil' Wayne 24/7.

But to have rappers that I could always count on to give me hope for the radio (Kanye West) to go from conscious hip hop or dope lyricism (Common) to singing on autotunes & party records, it's forced me to accept the fact that I'm old & flick my radio to the oldies station where they play "Brick House" & "Flashlight" all day & having to embark on Tom Joyner & his legion of anti-rap hating bammas in the morning... since there's no station for neither old school nor underground hip hop in GA (outside of ATL that I know of.)

I'm in no way bashing my bruthas, b/c honestly I do like Kanye's album & I respect Common's need to experiment. But I'd be lying if I said I played Com's UMC album as repetitively as I did his previouses (except Electric Circus). Or that Heartbreak by Kanye gives me the same goosebumps I felt the first time I heard, "Can't Tell Me Nothing." or "Flashing Lights."

Kanye & Common aren't the first to do this, & I shouldn't even include Com, since at least he still raps. But there have been other artists that have stepped outside their hip hop thrones & got their feet wet in other unique music. And I do have to give it up to some that truly impressed me with their transitions.

1. Mos Def - Umi Say
The first time I heard this, I instantly fell in love with it & forgot I was actually listening to a hip hop CD. Mos has one of those voices that makes you think of a civil rights fighter with the wit of a spoken word poet. There's a lot of power in his voice & doesn't matter whether he's singing or rapping. He's truly a gifted brutha.

2. Queen Latifah - Weekend Love
Before Hollywood & 2 jazz albums, Latifah was one of the best femcees to bless a mic. But one thing that separated her from the rest (males or females), was she actually sung as well. And one of my favorites was "Weekend Love" (another was "Gimme Your Love" from her 2nd album) because of the feel good Caribbean vibe. This is one of her few songs where she didn't overdo it or come across as a rapper tryna sing. But instead a woman happily waiting on her weekend fling.

3. Phonte of Little Brother - Foreign Exchange
This brutha has to be the male equivalent of Lauryn Hill. The first time I listened to him with Nicolay on the debut of FE, "Connected", I actually forgot that I was listening to the same brutha that was dropping some of the hottest bars on all of Little Brother's albums. And FE recently released their sophomore effort, where Phonte is singing on 95% of the album, & I'm not even sweating it, b/c it's a masterpiece.

4. Lauryn Hill - Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
This woman deserves all the accolades she gets. Her talent is so overwhelming that you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't been yearning for her to return with another album after an over decade hiatus (7 years including the Live Unplugged album.) I still miss L. Boogie the emcee, so I'm hoping her next album be a double album (one singing/another spitting.)

5. Andre 3 Stacks of Outkast
I've been an Outkast fan from day one (1993 - Player's Ball). So my first response to Andre's "Hey Ya'" joint was a little disappointing for the same reason I did Kanye 2008. But eventually, after seeing the artistry in the video & actually listening to the album, I actually started liking it more than I did Big Boi's album (which was total rapping with more of an Outkast original feel.) Then with Idlewild & the songs he was doing on his Cartoon Network show, I truly have a lot more respect for him as an artist. And funny thing, the rhymes he started coming with afterwards actually got tighter (as if they weren't tight before).

6. CeeLo of Goodie Mob - Gnarls Barkley
From his own solo joints post GM, cameo performances & hooking up with Dangermouse to form Gnarls Barkley, definitely can't sleep on him.

7. Q-Tip - Kamaal the Abstract:
this album was never officially released becuz his label didn't know how to market it & didn't think it would sell, since Tip wasn't spitting on it. But if you love Mos' style of singing, you'll love this one.

8. Wyclef Jean - post-Fugees
With all the reggae albums he's done, it seems I haven't heard Clef spit a verse since the 90's. He's very underrated as an emcee, b/c so much emphasis was on Lauryn when the Fugees were hot.

Joints I Remember
Lil' Kim - Lighter's Up
Snoop Dogg - Sexual Seduction
Heavy D - Don't You Know

Joints I Wanna Forget
Salt-n-Pepa - Start Me Up (Was on some TLC shit)
Biz Markie - Let Me Turn U On (Tried to hard to repeat "Just A Friend")
Big Daddy Kane feat. Barry White (no comment)

Monday, January 19, 2009

The 2008 Hip Hop Rap Up My Favorite Picks

2008 Rap Up

I was gonna do a Rap Up, Skillz style.. LOL. But I decided not to go that route. I got enough unfinished rhymes & poems floating that I need to complete. lol. PLUS, I've been wanting to do this for the past few months.

This year there have been a lot of complaints about the music (many I agree with). But I want to focus on the positive music that came out. Yeah, this was the year of Lil' Wayne. But before I name my favorites I want to say for the record why Lil' Wayne is not acknowledged on my list. It's simple really. Becuz I didn't listen to his album to place it. So this list is purely based on the albums I've listened to & either enjoyed or didn't care for.

So if anyone has a qualm about my list, it's not to say your choices weren't good. But either I didn't listen to it or wasn't feeling it. And honestly, I've never (EVER) been a Weezy fan, not even during the Hot Boyz days. Not to discredit, but he just does nothing for me. But if anyone has any albums to add, feel free to acknowledge them, becuz I'm always looking for new music to embrace. Lord knows you won't find them on the radio. (sigh....)

Anyway, I have 4 different list.....

1. Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2008 (those released in 2008)
2. Top 5 Honorable Mentions (breaking them down to 5, so I can get others feedback & suggestions)
3. Top 5 Georgie-Come-Lately (albums I discovered this year, but dropped in 2007)
4. Top 5 Disappointments (albums I wasn't too fond of)

no particular order

1. Ludacris: Theaters of the Mind
I will say this has to be my favorite Luda album of them all. Although he caught flack for it, I even like the T- Pain joint. My only 2 gripes is that he didn't have one particular song, "Let's Stay Together" from his mixtape which talked about rappers coming together & squashing beefs. Another gripe, I like the T.I. collabo on T.I.'s album better than the one on his. & wish that was on this album also. But I have both, so that don't matter.

2. Nas - Ni66er (Untitled... but we know the deal. lol)
I'm not surprise this album didn't get the buzz it should've got, although I'm still mad he lost "Best Lyricist Award" to Lil' Wayne at the BET Hip Hop Awards. But I'll leave that alone. I had the same gripe when he lost to Biggie in 95, so it's no diss to Wayne. Conceptual wise, this has to be Nas' best body of work or close to it. Production-wise would be my only complaint. That has been his achiles heal for the past 3 albums (this, Street's Disciples & Hip Hop Is Dead). But this is the stronger of the past 3. Either way, I hope he drop another Lost Tape, cuz it seems his best production works are the ones he DON'T release. lol

3. Jean Grae - The Evil Jeanius/Jeanius
To be honest, I didn't want to acknowledge "The Evil Jeanius" album since it was done by her old label without her consent & she's not collecting any funds off of it. This is sad, b/c the production of Blue Sky Black Death did an excellent job. The dark sinister beats & dope production fits her delivery to a tee. This is probably the best body of work I've heard since her debut, "Attack of the Attacking Things." But I can't take nothing away from the "original" Jeanius either, which is why I included it (although I much prefer the original 2004 bootlegged version becuz it sounds more raw & organic), but the Evil Jeanius is definitely worth a listen. (But I'd bootleg that particular one, since she won't see a dime of it.)

4. Elzhi - The Preface
This was one accident I'm glad I discovered. I've liked this cat since I heard him on Slum Village's Trinity album. Although he was a replacement to Jay Dilla in the group, I saw the dope lyricist in him right away. And ever since he ripped with Phonte on "Hiding Place" off the LB's Minstrel Show album, I'd been looking for him to drop something. I was already sold after coping the "Out of Focus" EP, but when he dropped this jewel, he immediately became my favorite emcee out of the "D". Although it's a tough call b/w he & Royce... (& maybe One Be Lo.)

5. Tanya Morgan - The Bridge
A co-worker discovered them on myspace & turned me on to them. At the time, they had (still have) a free download of their mixtape called "Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group", which I thought was clever since I originally thought it was a female singer. lol. The mixtape was actually pretty good & honestly felt more like an album to me. It was so good, before this album came out, I decided to peep their debut, "Moonlighting" which is also a tight album, & actually made me more anxious to get this. And it was definitely not disappointing in the least. My only gripe is that it's an EP with 10 songs. But at the same time, every joint on there is a banger. So I'm definitely not too mad.

6. Torae - Daily Conversations:
He has to be one of the nicest to come out of NY in a minute. But even the birthplace of hip hop has a tendency to sleep on their own talent. Why else would he go under the radar, yet 50 Cent, Maino (50 junior.... 25 Cent. LOL), & Dipset remain to be relevant? this brutha has major skills, then on top have some of the best producers on here (Marco Polo, Premo, 9th, Black Milk, Khrysis). And this was actually his debut album.

7. Q-Tip - The Renaissance
I was totally caught off guard by how dope this album was. I'm a be honest, I expected it to be okay. I purchased it off the strength that it was a Q-Tip & ATCQ fan. But although it's number 7 on here, this would have to be in my top 5 if this list was in order. I think this one of, if not, the best comeback in hip hop history. He definitely reminded me of what he could do not only as an emcee, but as a producer/beatmaker as well. I can't wait for the next album with he & Common together.

8. J-Live - Then What Happened
This one almost escaped me, since it came out earlier in the year. I had to go back & replay it to remember how dope it was. I've been a fan of J-Live since I got first introduced to him by another friend around 2002 or 2003. I still want to go back & listen to this again.

9. EMC - The Show
This was another album I read about from a friend. As soon as I did the research & saw it was Masta Ace's group along with Wordsworth, it was a no-brainer. I had to have it. And been enjoying it ever since.

10. Black Milk - Tronic
I really didn't expect to like this since I was late checking the "Sound of the City" CD & still feeling the "Popular Demand" joint. Some ppl can't do albums back to back, & I didn't think he could after 2 hot albums plus producing other albums (see Elzhi's "The Preface"). But brutha is definitely one of the best producer to come out of Detroit since Dilla. And he's pretty good on the mic, too.


1. Illa J - The Yancey Boys: J Dilla's younger brother who looks just like him in pictures. There'll never be another Dilla, but homey's not bad at all. Plus he sings & raps pretty good (not as good as Black Milk.. but he's decent & it compliments the beats). I think he used some of Dilla's beats though, as well as his own... So it's definitely a dope tribute to one brother & an intro to another. We'll see.... but he's got some BIG shoes to fill.
2. Supastition - Leave of Absence: He is at the top of my HM, cuz I really wanted to add him to my top 10. He has to one of my favorites, b/c he's definitely the blue collar emcee that speaks things anyone can relate to. I was torn b/w this EP or his other as Kam Moye "Self Centered" (Black Enough joint posted on my "Who's Blacker" blog), but their both hot & the later is available on his site for FREE download.
3. Invincible - Shapeshifter: Between her & Jean Grae, it should be a crime that femcees don't get the credit they deserve. And she's a white girl, so you'd think they'd be all over her trying to make her more Feminem. (not a mispelling) LOL. But this girl has crazy skills. I discovered her on my Pandora radio, & didn't know she was white until I peep the album cover. But you wouldn't think it if you heard her lyrically content. Very deep & positive.
4. Black Sheep: I think this came out the very end of 2007 (Dec.), but this was actually a dope album. I wasn't surprised after peeping one of their videos on The Spitkickers page. Unfortunately, Mista Lawnge left after the album was released so Dres is solo carrying the Black Sheep name (like it mattered, since Dres was the true star of the group anyway). But it's definitely worth checking.
5. Hezekiah - I Predict A Riot: This was an album I had to get reacquainted with cuz I hadn't heard it in awhile. It was a toss up b/w this & Large Pro's "Main Source" & also Heltah Skeltah's "D.I.R.T." and a few others. BUt overall, I liked this one better.


1. Kanye West - 808 & Heartbreak: FTR, I think it's a pretty good album for what he was going for. But from a hip hop standpoint, it's disappointing b/c he's always been like the saving grace for the past 4 years. When everybody was on some trend or coming lame, you could always count on Kanye to bring that love back. But this year, he brought us heartbreak on autotune. LOL. I ain't mad, cuz I got his other 3 to keep my ears warm. lol
2. Common - Universal Mind Control: I respect his experimentation & I actually like the title track, cuz it takes me back to the "Planet Rock" days. But over all, I can't see myself playing it as much as I did "Be" or "Finding Forever". On a good note, I can tolerate it better than I could "Electric Circus." But I know he'll redeem himself with his album with Q-Tip. I just hope the Neptunes are not involved. (Sorry, I like them... but judging from UMC & Electric Circus.... Common needs a restraining order from them.)
3. The Roots - Rising Down: I know I'm gonna catch some heat for this. But, I wasn't feeling it. Whenever I hear this, I just want to go back to their old archives. I think it's too much emphasis on showing their a live band instrumentation that Black Thought is over drowned by the music. To me, it's too crowded. Less is more, especially in hip hop. Not knocking them as a band, but it just makes me fiend for a Black Thought solo album. and what sucks, this is the 2nd album from Def Jam & it got more buzz than Game Theory, when that one was a much tighter album.
4. Immortal Technique - 3rd World: I got turned on to him on a satellite radio station with a joint from his 2nd album (Revolutionary vol. 2). Definitely on some deadprez meets KRS shit. I loved the album so much I went back & retrieved his 1st (which was decent)... then later this album. One word..... GARBAGE. Total disappointment. I skimmed through it & haven't been back to play it since.
5. Sheek Louch - Silverback Gorilla: I was torn b/w this & LL's Exit 13. I figured since LL hasn't dropped an album I liked in 8 years then it's not truly a disappointment, but expected. LOL. (Sorry Keia. the mixtape was okay.. somewhat, but the album was a let down....) But Sheek from the Lox in my opinion, although not the sharpest rhymer in the group, I always thought put out better songs than Jada & Styles. But he definitely got contaminated by the mainstream bug this time & left this album with nothing but crap.

1. Blu & Exile: Below the Heavens - Dope album, & everybody should be on the lookout for Blu out of Cali
2. NY Oil: HoodTreason - he's an arrogant pompous in interviews, but a deep brutha.
3. Mos Def : Mos Definite - actually an import that should've been released in the states.
4. One Be Lo : R.E.B.I.R.T.H. - just discovered him through someone's debate on who's better, him or Elzhi & I've been playing his whole catalog for the past week. (The answer, Elzhi still the winner.... but One Be Lo ain't no joke.)
5. Marco Polo - Port Authority - this album is amazing. Marco Polo has to be one of the best beatmakers I've heard in years, & he has a lot of nice emcees on here spitting to his beats.

Over all, in spite of the oversaturation of autotunes & stripper music, all I gotta say is... thank God for the internet, youtube & the Spitkickers for providing an alternative. And also thank God for my high speed internet. (Can you believe it's been a year since I got rid of dial-up. LOL)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Notorious BIG DEAL

Well Friday, Jan. 16th will be the release of the "Notorious movie chronicling the life of Christopher Wallace AKA The Notorious B.I.G. AKA Biggie Smalls... Frank White... & so on & so on.....

I've heard so much about it, that it seems like it's becoming priority to MLK day & Obama's inauguration via Black media. Which is why I don't watch BET like I used to... if any, although this week, I found myself watching one of the syndicated shows (Smart Guy.... which I actually liked back in the days.) And they had the cast of the movie.

Now, I've been an admirer of Biggie's music since the first time I heard "Bullshit & Party" in 92 on the "Who's the Man" soundtrack & even when he repped on Heavy D's "A Bunch of Ni66az" from his Blue Funk album. (BTW... The best album The Hevster dropped & an unsung treasure.)

I wasn't really feeling "Juicy" when it dropped & he was cool on "Flava In Ya Ear" remix (he didn't smash it... I guess it was b/c he went first... IDK), but my roommate at the time, Trisham, had a dubbed copy that he begged to have played on my cassette player. (yeah.. yeah... this was 94, before CD's took over.) After countless begging & him promising me that I would actually like the album, I went ahead & let him bump it.

After listening to it (with the exception of the last 3 or 4 cuts... cassette's was only 45 minutes on one side & didn't get all of it. LMAO.)... that following weekend, I drove to the mall in Macon & purchased the CD.

I say this to say, I was a huge fan of Biggie back then & copped everything he rep. He put Bad Boy on the map... (not the East Coast to me since... Wu, Nas, Boot Camp Click, & so many others was bringing that raw shit prior to & during Biggie's reign.) And he's definitely one of my Top 10 Favorite Emcees of All Times.

However, it's hard to classify him as "The Greatest" in my opinion. (AND MINE ALONE... SO BIGGIE STANS FALL BACK. LOL) Everything that's been said about the movie I'd already known about or read about in other documentaries, so I doubt if there are many surprises. However, I am wondering about how 2Pac & Lil' Kim are gonna be portrayed.

And honestly, I feel kinda bad for Lil' Kim. Becuz if anyone seen the vh-1 behind the music of her life told by other ppl (not Lil' Kim herself). BIG used to physically & mentally abuse her. I think she genuinely had feelings for him, but b/c of her upbringing & putting so much love in him, she was looked upon as an easy lay, so he settled for marrying Faith after only a few months.... (although he was screwing around with Kim b4.)

Lil' Kim fell into the trap a lot of sistas made. Allowing a man to define their happiness & instead of being mad at him, she took it out on the woman, Faith. And telling by the plastic surgeries, she's definitely have self esteem issues. Come on, I was in love with Lil' Kim in the mid 90's on that "No Time" & "Get Money" video & a few others..... And on that Skin Deep joint.. OMG. Why Kim? Why? (Wish I could post a pic of her in that video, but even on Google, it's hard to find pics of her before the surgeries.)

I-ight..... I'm getting off topic.

Even though I was a huge fan of Biggie, it's hard for me to want to waste money on this movie in theaters when I know how it's gonna end. Besides, like a lot of ppl, I'm tired of the exploit of BIG & 2Pac, when it's so many living emcees that can't get a break. Hip hop didn't die with him, cats don't want to give newer emcees saying something different the time of day. Plus, I don't buy that whole Biggie the G.O.A.T. or he put Brooklyn on the map (as if Whodini, GangStarr, Jeru the Damaja, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Chubb Rock, 3rd Bass, Digable Planets, Boot Camp Clik, Special Ed, MC Lyte, & so many others didn't exist before him. Brooklyn have always been nice.).

If Biggie was alive today or 2Pac, there probably wouldn't be a debate over who's the G.O.A.T. & if it was... they probably wouldn't be on many ppl's top 20, more or less they're top 10. IMO, Nas has been the nicest from day one, but cats hate on him saying he need to give it up or keep throwing "Illmatic" back in his face. I bet those same ppl would be calling him the G.O.A.T. if he woulda died at a younger age.

It's amazing how an artist has to die to be appreciated. And you still have ppl eating off his legacy, when they should be trying to find his killer.

But... anyway, I'll wait for the bootleg & for Lil' Kim to drop her album to expose everybody. I believe she will... And anybody that's heard the original "Big Mama Thang" (minus Jigga with verse dising Faith & Pac).. know I'm right. LOL