Thursday, April 9, 2009

Make UP to Break UP (Top 10)

For those interested, I've posted my Black History of April on my new blogspot page that can be accessed on the banner above (also the banner at top). But anyway...

I just happened to be checking out Global Grind site to read the latest news when I saw someone posted their list for top groups that should've never broke up. Kinda pissed me off b/c 2 weeks ago I wanted to do such a list after finding out Digable Planets disbanded again after reuniting & doing tours.

As a fan, it always suck to see groups break up. But looking at it from a humanistic side, it's worst. A lot of times, they started off as friends & it a lot of time demonstrates how fragile friendships can be when certain factors come into the equation. Whether it's money, fame, women, drugs... whatever.

Who are some of your top favorite groups you wish never broke up?

and also....

Have you had anything to come between your friendships?

Top 10 Groups That Should've Never Broke Up
in no particular order

1. A Tribe Called Quest
2. The Fugees
3. Digable Planets
4. GangStarr
5. Goodie Mob
6. Pete Rock & CL Smooth
7. Black Sheep
9. The Pharcyde
10. Wu Tang Clan

Honorable Mentions:
Organized Konfusion
Brand Nubians
Leaders of the New School


Anonymous said...

What up Phellah, I would probably put NWA as number one on my list..


Phellah G said...

What up Zirc?

Cool. I forgot about them & Eric & Rakim. Good call.

Muhammad the Harlem Sk8rboi said...

That's pretty much a complete list of groups I wish never broke up. Although I wouldn't say they quite broke up, I would add the Lox b/c they haven't put out group material in 10 years. Also Capone N Noreaga, but they broke up b/c Capone went to prison.

Phellah G said...

What up Muhammad. That's true. I think The Lox have put out mixtapes, but not sure though. But I'd be glad when they finally release an album together. That also makes me want to add Black Star to the list also.

Actually, funny you say CNN,b/c they just dropped an album this year called "CHANNEL 10" with a video & all. Just came out not too long ago, so I haven't full digested it yet. It's pretty good, not like their earlier works though.