Friday, January 30, 2009

Not A Freestyle... But Free Therapy

9 Months of unemployment playing with my mental. Questioning
my existence.
Cursed with the feelings of insignificance.
Thank God for my MacBook, sketch pad or composition on the looseleaf
Between gym memberships & art projects, keep myself busy
I've had my moods & moments of aggressions & mild depressions,
I digress address my confessions into poems or sketches.
This ain't a freestyle.... it's free therapy.. for Skecho PhellahG
Solitarily, rely on no other to care for me.
Adapted to being a square outside of circles, it's geometric
If I don't fit in, why force it? Never liked being pegged in
I'm that wierdo with a pen or a pencil in the back of my ear lobe
Gifted with sentences, not pursued, b/c I feel old
A father to 106 & Parkers minus the fertilization
instead stimulating the head of my membrane. With my left hand
phrases. Pages & pages I masterbath.. a
Masterpiece created in the confinements of my basement.
To release me when I'm going through phases. Hearing voices debating
my fate. But act as if I'm not hearing their conversations.
To only conclude that I'm crazy. Well... maybe. At my age, playing ...
doctor. Don't need a degree. All I need is patients. (patience)

© 2009 SkechoPhellah Publishings


Mr. Smart Guy said...

Got an ill mixtape for you fam...

Phellah G said...

Appreciate that Jorge. I'm downloading it as we speak. I'll hit cha up later about it.

Muhammad the Harlem Sk8rboi said...

Aw shiznit. George you're coming up with some fire I see. I love the freestyle write. You just threw all types of ideas out there, and made a delicious jambalaya of words. Keep coming with the hotness.

Phellah G said...

thanks man. This came from a comment to BBJ's blog that turned into 2 bars & I just completed it at that point. LOL.