Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things About Me You May or May Not Care About....

What up. After my former partner-in-ads & good friend Scott did this I had to oblige & come up with one of my own. On Myspace, I've been tagged enough times that I probably could've got away with reposting some of those. But once again, retrieving old blogs after over 3 years is like trying to pull a raw tooth from your mouth by hand. Hard & painful. Especially since the "Browse By Category" no longer works. But you know.... I write how I sketch.... straight off the head. So I'm gonna take a whip at it.

1. I come across anti-social, when really I'm just analytical. I'm very cautious of the company I keep, becuz I despise drama & fall back when it comes to those who bring it, instigate it or cause it. When it comes to friends, it's all or nothing with me. Fuck having "associates." I'm too old to hang with ppl I have to question & watch my back of. That was high school.

2. I still watch cartoons. I don't know if it's becuz I'm an artist & I feed off of it, but it's great for them days when there's nothing on the tube. I'm not too ashame of it, since my grandma used to watch the hell out of them before her death.

3. I'm a music fanatic. (no surprise there... huh? lol) Sometimes a dope CD is all it takes to get me in a good mood. In the gym, hip hop puts me in a trance where I'm in unison with the beat while I'm working out... especially during cardio. But although I primarily listen to rap (more underground or Golden Age.... not that crap on the radio.), it's nothing for me to listen to other genres. Right now, I'm loving Anthony Hamilton's new album & Coldplay.

4. I'm not a cat person. They come across sneaky, possessive, needy & manipulative...... (like some of the women I've encountered.) LOL.. I made the mistake of feeding one & it wouldn't leave me alone. It kept meowing repetitively at my door step for months. Never again.

5. I was in chorus in Jr. High. I actually wanted to continue in high school, but I didn't like the teacher at the time, & by the time they got someone new, they no longer allowed guys (baritones, tenors & bass) to join. Sucks. I would like to eventually join a church just to sing in a choir. To be honest, I'd join just to do that, cuz singing definitely feeds my soul.

6. I used to love ciphering at my old college campus. Even though I no longer aspire to be the "King of the South" (since T.I. beat me to it. LOL...), I still have a love for writing lyrics & poetry.

7. I would like to jump from a plane & sky dive some day.... (as long as it's not near water.)

8. I wear my heart on my sleeves. Becuz I didn't have any REAL friends coming up, I appreciate the friends I have & will go out of my way (if I could) to help one in need.

9. I can hold a grudge until doomsday. I've gotten better over the years, especially toward ppl I really like or respect. But it's still a problem with those I truly don't care for. And sometimes, I'd keep a grudge going to have a reason NOT to have any dealing with them at all.

10. I hate sarcastic muhfuckas... for real. I see sarcasm as a cowardice way to attack someone, especially when it's done in spite of someone that's done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Usually weak, bitch asses that's got to tear someone else a part to make them feel strong.

11. I love dogs, especially German Shepherds. They're easy to train & the most loyal breed I've ever raised. I'd like to get one when I get my living conditions situated (& find a reliable source of income..... Help me Obama.)

12. I'm experimental when it comes to cooking & eating. I'll try anything once if the ingredients sound good together. And if it's tight, I guarantee I will try to make something similar when I hit the stove.

13. The first gun I owned was a B&B gun & it got taken from me when I was a kid, b/c I got mad at my sister & a friend, Eve, & tried to shoot them with it..... speaking of that...

14. I have a quick temper. Becuz I try to be a nice guy, I get heated when someone takes my kindness for weakness. I let a lot of shit slide when I was younger. But I ain't THAT SHY anymore. lol

15. I'm a huge Adam Sandler fan. I've loved his movies since Happy Gilmore & Billy Madison. His later movies may not be as funny as his earlier ones, but they are still entertaining. My favorite is "The Waterboy" & one of my favorite all time moments was him singing "I Will Always Love You" in the shower on "Bulletproof" with Damon Wayans. I will watch any movie w/ him in it, b/c I know it's gonna be funny.

16. I signed up for the Marines straight out of high school during the original Bush Administration & almost going to war with Iraq then (1990-91). I originally joined to get the G.I. Bill for college. But in the middle of training, I got injured & was honorably discharged.

17. After so many months of job hunting, I've become frustrated with Atlanta. I'm actually considering moving to North Carolina. A friend told me Charlotte is a great city & reminiscent of ATL 10 years ago.... (before it got too big for it's britches & too big time to hire GA ppl outside of ATL). Plus, after it being 1 of 2 Southern states where Obama won, I'm already a fan. I may be making a trip there in the next couple of months. (I ain't gonna front... looking at the picture above of Charlotte, really got my interest up.)

18. I'm a sentimental pack rat. I keep everything with sentimental value behind it... from every birthday card (esp. from my cousin Latasha R.I.P.), to Christmas cards, photos, anything.

19. In the 80's, I used to love sitcoms where they spoke sign language. So I taught myself the hand alphabets & a few signs that I've forgotten.

20. I can adjust to any setting whether it's in the city, in the woods.. whatever. I can always find the beauty in any surrounding & embrace it.

21. I'm the most non-cliquish person I know. In my profession, being the only Black man majority of the time, I've learn how to communicate with anyone & learn to build relationships with others from different backgrounds & upbringing. Although, a lot of times, I've encountered some that have to remind me of what I am & have known since conception.... lol.... But the ones that look past it & see the real me & not my color makes up for the ignorance of others..... (including ig'nant black folks.... that'll screw face me having a white female friend, but won't give me the time of day, if I was alone.)

22. I do want kids someday, but I don't want babymamas. No Ring. No Seed. So don't ask why I don't have kids.

23. I chose art as a profession to spite my father who told me there was no future in it & a waste. Hmmm. That shit kept a roof over my head for the past 11 years & loved every minute of it. Regardless of my situation, I don't plan to give it up anytime soon. I'm seeing bigger plans with it. Thanks for not believing in me back then.

24. I haven't got gas from a Texaco or eaten at any Denny's Restaurant since the racial comments made back in the 90's (at Texaco) & the racial discrimination at Denny's. Even after they used Steve Harvey (ole country, non-funny bamma ass) to endorse their product, I still wasn't buying it. Told you I can hold a grudge.

25. I, every now & then, have nightmares of someone trying to run me over in a moving vehicle. I have no idea what that means. lol


Anonymous said...

Cartoons still air on TV? I mean really? That was sarcasm. OK, let me stop. Hi, Phella!!!

(It's SHE-SHE)

Phellah G said...

OH OK. You got jokes now She-She. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

25. I, every now & then, have nightmares of someone trying to run me over in a moving vehicle. I have no idea what that means. lol

whoever is driving the car has some kind of part in your waking life, if they actually hit you and you die in the dream, that means change, basically the whole dream means change....something is about to change...

Muhammad the Harlem Sk8rboi said...

Adam Sandler is the man. I loved most of his movies though I wasn't too fond of "Little Nicky." "Waterboy" & "50 First Dates" were the joints I had on repeat. I love me some cartoons, but I've always been partial to Tom & Jerry along with Bugs Bunny. That's cool that you've stayed away from Denny's & Texaco. They both still operate with racist overtones although they have no problem taking your money. I love cats George. I used to have two & they both died of old age. Contrary to popular belief cats can be loyal to their owners. I saw this when my 20 year old cat Amalah was at the clinic. She didn't want to stay with the vet b/c she wanted to stay with me. Music fiends we both are. It's sad to hear your pops was so opposed to your artistic endeavors. My father encouraged them & it was to his dismay that I didn't pursue them like you have. Nightmares seem to appear in my dreams when I'm sick. Weird isn't it? It's cool that I learned even more about my older brother George! lol PEACE!

Phellah G said...

To Anonymous: I'm spoiled by myspace, cuz I thought I could click to reply to yours, but it won't let me. lol

Anyway, that's an interesting analogy. I remember having those dreams in grade school too where I was at the bus stop & on coming vehicles were trying to hit me. But I always wake up b4 it hits me. I'll remember that, cuz I definitely need change.

Phellah G said...

To Muhammad: Man, I actually liked Little Nicky. "Release the Good".. LMAO. It's definitely one of my least favorites, but I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

I feel you on the Warner Bros. cartoons. Those joints are timeless & another I love are the Pink Panther cartoons (including Ant & Aardvark & the detective) & the Hanna Barbera cartoons.

I can deal with some cats, I don't "hate" them as much as I used to. I think it's got a lot to do with me being scratched by one when I was about 3, when I was just trying to pet him. Haven't been a fan since.

My pops saw my art as just a hobby, along with everyone else. When I pursued this, I was definitely on my own. He's more supportive now, but it doesn't matter now, since I'm no longer looking for other's approvals.

Dreams & nightmares come in spurts with me. I can go from one dream & merge into another & think nothing of it. I think my dreams are a constant reminder of how complicated my mind is. LOL

Assertive Wit said...

I'm very sarcastic at times so I'm glad this is your first blog I read LOL I'll be mindful of what I say when I comment.

I too LOVE cartoons; everyone gets on me about being grown and still watching them...I didn't know you had to be a certain age to enjoy entertainment but okay...cartoons keep me youthful!

Jay_fever said...

2,3,and 11 are me all day. It's also funny you talked about moving to NC. I was also considering that move. Especially after hearing the news that ATL has become too crowded.

Phellah G said...

At AW: lmao. I'm not that bad when it comes to sarcasm. I think I had a flashback or something. LOL. It's cool in fun, but it's those 2-faced types that'll say things just to be assholish.

I agree about the cartoons. It's funny too, b/c my parents used to tell me that when I was a teen still watching, yet they never missed watching the Pink Panther. lol.

Phellah G said...

What up Jay? ATL is crazy. The traffic is so bad anyway that it's probably not meant for me to be there, although I hate the thought of leaving my home state. But I've heard so many good things about NC, that I'm thinking about spending a few days there around March just to get a feel of it. I've even had other ppl (b4 I even told them) saying the same thing about wanting to move to NC. If I do, the first thing I want to do when I get a house is get a pet German Shepherd.

GJ said...

I liked 22 and 23 the most.

Phellah G said...

Thanks GJ. 23'S my favorite too.