Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Part 2.... (Part one on Myspace... sorry)

I have Good News & Bad News

The Good News: Although I have 3 other blog places, I prefer myspace when it comes to my more personal blogs.
The Bad News: I still like blogspot better. LOL

The Good News:... Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri are over according to
The Bad News: I can't comfort her. (looks down with a Charlie Brown frown & the music theme plays.)

The Good News: this might bring out better music from Janet.
The Bad News: it might not. Even though, I think she still release dope ballads, but she puts too much focus on dance records.

The Good News: I've gotten some great responses for my online portfolio.... but
The Bad News: I'm still unemployed. lol

The Good News: I've gotten a lot of great freelance job offers that I'm feeling good about.
The Bad News: nothing is set in stones. But....

The Good News: I'm still optimistic. So much so, I think I'm done with my logo... although...
The Bad News: I did away with "SkechoPhellah" becuz I don't want to focus on just artwork, but graphic design as a whole...

The Good News: I decided to stick with the name I've gone with since conception Phellah + Graphics & you got...... phellahGRAPHICS.... hmmm. Got a nice ring to it, too. I might have to play with the colors, but overall I'm pleased with it.

The Bad News: I say that now, but I'll probably change it again. LOL...


Muhammad the Harlem Sk8rboi said...

I hope that they are over for real. I always wondered what Janet saw in Jermaine Dupri other than that he's gainfully employed. I feel you on comforting her. You know I had the video for "Comforter" by Shai on my last blog for this specific reason. The freelance world of employment is so chancy, but you have top of the line skills. I know you don't have to here this from me, but keep your head up George. I still prefer myspace, but I may just acquiesce & get a page on blogspot just for an alternative. Janet's ballads stay on point, and I realized this when I saw her at the Garden on October. She had a large section of her concert dedicated to ballads & it was my favorite part of the show. Her focus on dance records are the result of the pressure record labels put on her. She has acclaimed such great fame due to great dance tunes & they see the ballads as a nice touch that doesn't really sell music. I'm glad she's done with Def Jam & record labels as a whole.

Phellah G said...

What up Muhammad?

I still wonder what she saw in him. He must be a charmer, b/c Janet's pockets would put JD to shame. I'm glad she left Def Jam too. She seemed like a fish out of water in a label famous for it's rap legends & current contemporary rappers & singers. She's a legend in her own right who was putting it down b4 Def Jam (as far as acting & 2 albums prior to "Control").

I know about the freelance world. It was so stressful & frustrating the first time, that I stopped when I was financially stable with my job.

Blogspot has some advantages that I love. For one, those annoying advertisements campaigning & eating off your blog page. B/c I like being seclusive to certain issues, myspace is great for that where I control who sees particular blogs.

Jay_fever said...

Damn son cats need to get on the rebound. One thing her relationship with JD proved is that she'll date

Phellah G said...

LMAO @ Jay. So sooooo true. If only I had bank. lol. Wonder if Q-Tip in line. I remember the rumor about them being involved (after Poetic Justice movie, then the collab on "Got Til It's Gone.")