Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is It Just Me... Pt. 2

Is It Just Me

But I'm still shocked from the Chris Brown situation involving him assaulting Rihanna. I hope it's not true or just fabricated. Although I'm not a fan of his music, I can't stand to see young bruthas caught up in situations like that. And as I'm watching the news.....

Is It Just Me

but the media is really fucking Chris right now. He got pulled from the "Milk" campaign, the Wrigley's Gum, & other events. There's even possibilities of pulling his music from radio stations. I don't believe that. Maybe with pop radio, but definitely not the urban. I don't care how some folks feel, but if they continued to play R. Kelly when his this 40+ y/o man was having sex with underaged girls... I doubt they would CB. It'll hurt him, b/c this wasn't a random chic.... IT WAS RIHANNA! UMBRELLA-ELLA-ELLA EA-EA-EA....

Is It Just Me

I know that song's old but I couldn't resist....

Is It Just Me

but doesn't 9 years in jail seem a little steep since T.I. got less time for multiple counts of weapons charge while on probation... while this is just Chris' first offense? Brotha's definitely gonna be sweating this out for the rest of the year (or more)... but

Is It Just Me

I think he'll survive it, since he's got a lot more sense than Yung Berg who doesn't know when to STHU. Reasons why he's more known in hip hop for getting beat up or dissed than for his music. Hopefully he's learned from last year. Plus Chris Brown is young & he's human. I hope he can pull through & that experience helps to make him a better man. Stay up, CB.

Is It Just Me

But I'm kinda curious how both 50 Cent & Rick Ross are gonna come out. They have a beef going on back & forth with videos & interviews & talk radio... but...

Is It Just Me

but... I wanna see what they bring on the mic .. on their albums.... NOT MIXTAPES....PLEASE... NO! MORE! MIXTAPES!!!!!!! I doubt they bring that fire like Nas & JayZ's battle.... but...

Is It Just Me

I definitely can't wait to see what Foxy Brown come out on her response to 50's talk. To me, but she's more lyrical than both them cats. And she's had a riff with Lil' Kim expanding a decade.... 10 YEARS Y'ALL!!!! So 50'll be in for a war against her... (fuck a battle. ) lol... speaking of wars....

Is It Just Me

But after the beef over the Notorious Movie & Voletta Wallace responding to Lil' Kim's complaints & displeasures of her character, I can't wait for Kim to respond on her next album to her & Faith. I know that's wrong, b/c that's BIG's mom, but eff it. She's been publicly hating on Kim from day one, like the shit her son did to her wasn't disrespectful enough. But...

Is It Just Me...

She shouldn't be too mad, since the girl that played her was FINE... sigh... WHY THE PLASTIC SURGERIES, KIM? WHY?

Is It Just Me

But I'm hoping with all these pissed off sistas, they'll bring back femcees. LOL. Hell, look what beefing did for MC Lyte's career... (Antoinette, Roxanne Shante).

Then again... they might save it for more.. mixtape music... sigh.

Is It Just Me

But I'll be glad when mixtapes die out & folks start putting out REAL albums. Hell, I'll settle for a collection of unreleased joints (i.e. Nas' Lost Tape.... CLASSIC). But no more rapper spitting to classic beats. No more DJ's talking on the track. No more mixing & repeating a rappers first 2 or 4 bars continuous. NO MORE MIXTAPES...... PLEASE!!!!

but that's just me.


Jay_fever said...

I'm reserving judgement on CB till all the truth comes out. As for Mixtapes...Some I like...Some I don't.

Phellah G said...

What up Jay. I feel you about CB though. I hope it's not as bad as it's made out to be. I think it is... cuz I've heard worst. But it's made a bigger becuz it's Rihanna.

I like some of them too, especially Little Brother (Chitlin' Circuit & Separate But Equal). But a lot of times the DJ talking on it makes it hard to listen to. I rather just hear the track. I can deal with those that sound more like albums with original music.

Muhammad the Harlem Sk8rboi said...

What up George? I love mixtapes especially how I remember them originally (like the ones from DJ Clue, Ron G, DJ S&S, DJ Craig G, and even some Funkmaster Flex ones). Nas' Lost Tapes is kind of a rare gem b/c most rappers' albums couldn't touch that joint. I'm still trying to gather up all the information on Chris Brown's situation. I couldn't see duke striking Rihanna who looks as fragile as a rose petal. We shall see though. I hope Foxy Brown returns true to form. Although Jigga wrote some of her stuff in her formative years she has skills all her own now. Her flow to me is only matched by Eve (among present Femcees) & over-matched by Queen Latifah & L-Boogie (if they EVER RHYME I even like when she went Caribbean on "Broken Silence." Lil' Kim will eternally piss me off for getting all that damn plastic surgery. She looked good back in the day even in the first video I ever saw her in which was "Player's Anthem" by Junior Mafia. Foxy & Lil' Kim have been duking it out for a minute, and I wonder why. I do know that Foxy still has the skills to tear a new one in Lil' Kim so she better step her game up. I do also wish they would just bury the hatchet b/c I have more important things to worry about. lol

Phellah G said...

I used to like them, but eventually it seems like too many rappers are doing it as shortcuts to hold ppl off until they release albums. I understand it, b/c they have no control over labels. But after awhile, it gets predictable. I did like lil' Kim's mixtape where she did what no other female rapper has done in paying tribute the female legends (Lyte, Latifah, Lauryn, etc.)

I loved DJ Clue's back in the days & Funkmaster (when he first started). The originals were tight b/c they had more original tracks & might do samplers of old classics & blending them together. But over all, the new music could stand on its own.

I'm waiting to hear both Chris & Rihanna's side, b/c everything heard is 3rd party & speculations.

I would love to see Foxy come back hard & I agree. She got so much flack for JayZ writing most of her first album tracks, that ppl forget she can really spit. And it definitely showed on "Broken Silence" which is a dope album & the Ill Nana 2: The Fever (which never got released from the label.)

And I had a mad crush on both Kim & Foxy back in the days. Not only was Kim fine, but she looked a lot more classy as well with the furs & high heels. They set the bar for females making it cool to be sexy, b/c femcees were looking butch back in the days (w/ the exception of Salt-n-Pepa) & they had to.

It's been a lot of stories behind their beef. I read they couldn't come to a compromise with the Thelma/Louise joint & Kim said Foxy was hard to deal with. (I kinda believe with her history outside of music.) Then during their tour together (No Way Out Tour), Kim accused Foxy of biting her wardrobe... & she talked about Foxy biting her sound & how she was tired of ppl linking them together & be her own person. I felt where Kim was coming from, but handled it wrong. She started throwing subliminal disses at Foxy, which led her to firing back & it's been like that ever since.

I read a story recently.. I don't know how true it is.. but it said Kim was mad b/c BIG started fucking with Charli Baltimore. Foxy knew & didn't tell her. But I don't fully believe that, b/c why diss Foxy instead of Charli (which is also stupid... )?

Kim's one year sentence stemmed from their beef (Jr. MAFIA & Capone & Noreaga's ppl, after Fox dissed Kim on CNN's joint. which led to the shoot out at Hot 97.) The sad part, Foxy tried to squash it with Lil' Kim after the shoot out, cuz the beef was escalating, but she declined it. But after 11 years, they definitely need to squash that & go ahead & do that Thelma & Louise joint.