Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sanford & Son with the 3 Degrees.

For some reason... this episode with the 3-Degrees has been in my head all day, & I haven't seen this episode in decades. LOL I was so jealous of Fred being serenaded like that. Even though, I was probably in diapers (or not even born) when this came out.


Muhammad the Harlem Sk8rboi said...

I sometimes forget how funny Redd Foxx was. He was hilarious, and this episode is no exception. He use to play Lamont like every other second, and I just now noticed how much liquor he had sitting on the counter. He definitely reminds of the old drunk uncle every family had. Sanford & Son is a comedy classic, and who could forget how often he would have a heart problem while calling on his wife in heaven (Georgia is her name I think).
RIP Redd Foxx I sorely miss that old man.

Phellah G said...

What Muhammad. I feel you. Redd Foxx was a legend. Damn, man you making me feel old(er). His wife's name was Elizabeth. LOL. Him & his ripple. I didn't know what ripple was until I got older. I used to love how he played Lamont, cuz I used to hate how he'd talk to Fred sometimes. I used to think he was disrespectful. But Fred did what he wanted to do.