Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tribute to Rap Duets

What up ppl?

I was just reading an interview with Ludacris on a hip hop site & learned that he & Shawnna were back together on Disturbing the Peace & they are supposed to release an album together as a duet. First of all, for those who haven't peeped Luda's album... I'm telling you.. it's tight. Anyway, I'm curious to know how they would come. If history serves me right, they do great music together.... "Growing Pains," her first single, "What's Your Fantasy" remix, & many others. Plus I would love to see Shawnna get her dues as an emcee & not just the "Gimme Some Head" chick. Even though that would be hard since she is fine with ass for days & lips... (DAMN.)

Regardless, this would be the first hip hop duet (male/female) albums. It's been some dope duet in the history of rap from Lyte & Pos. K to underground vets Bahamadia & Guru. The original Bonnie & Clyde (Cube/YoYo) to the later Jay-Z/Foxy Brown (before Beyonce.) With the demise of female rappers that is definitely missing in the game. (among other things.) And a part of it due to fem spitters being replaced for r&b singers or video dancers.

I decided to dedicate this blog to some of my favorite hip hop duets. I have plenty, but these are the few I could find.

What are some of your favorite hip hop duets?

Hip Hop Duets


Muhammad Curtis said...

Hip Hop duets are kind of lacking. I will throw in some that I love:

Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown- Ain't no nigga
Positive K- I got a man
Junior Mafia- Player's Anthem
The Fugees- Fugee La
Eve & Jadakiss- Got it All
Lil' Kim & Lil' Cease- Crush on You
Missy Elliott feat. Big Boi- All in my grill
LL Cool J- Doin' it
Master P & Mia X- Bout it, Bout it
Cam'ron, Charli Baltimore, Big Pun, Wyclef, Silkk da Shocker- Horse & Carriage (remix)

That's some of them George!

Phellah G said...

Cool collabs. I liked a lot of these but didn't include them b/c they involved more than 2 emcees. But I really wanted to include a Fugee joint, but I didn't want to cheat myself. lol. Damn, I could've add the "Sweetest Thing" remix with Lauryn & John Forte going back & forth. I loved John's delivery. I always wished he was the 3rd Fugee member instead of Pras.