Friday, March 6, 2009

Hip Hop Heads Up Vol. 1

Hip Hop Heads Up vol. 1

What up ppl.? The Hip Hop Guru has returned. This was something I planned for 2009, before the myspace recession that I decided. Throughout the past 3 years, I've spoken about my stance & my love for music, especially hip hop. But one thing I've done rarely & wish I would've done more in the past was introduce ppl to some of the albums I'm checking & listening to.

It's been said over & over that hip hop is dead, & whatever. And I've declined that statement. And although I've given ppl a reason why it isn't, I never "showed" them why it isn't.

Well, I just happened to be fishing through youtube & after revisiting my love Apani B. Fly (the femcee on 2 joints of the duet dedication (one with MF Doom & J. Rawls & Mr. Complex), I discovered a new joint which was released on an album produced by 3 producers out of France called the Jazz Liberators. And believe me, they live up to their name.

This is probably the best combo of jazz & hip hop since the Jazzmatazz days of Guru, US3. The album is called "Clin d'oell (don't ask me what that means), but has some great instrumentals & some nice collabos from Tre & Fatlip (both originally from Pharcyde), J-Live, J.Sand, Asheru (another underground fav. of mine.), Buckshot, & some I've never heard, but I'll be looking for them in the future. Anyway, here's some samples if you wanna check it out.

Here's there page on myspace :

I Am Hip Hop (ft. Asheru)

When the Clock Ticks (ft. J. Sands)

The Process (ft. Apani B. Fly)

NOTE: ads on top is from JazzLib's myspace page, so I can't take credit for it.


Jay_fever said...

These cats are pretty live. On the Jazz tip I'm still on Jazzanova. Those cats plus Phonte from Little Brother are out cold.

Phellah G said...

What up Jay? I've never heard of Jazzanova, but I may have to check them out.