Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Real Golden Age

This is one of the new illustrations I created this past weekend. I actually wrote a piece to go with it this morning. But I'm sure this art is controversial enough without the writing to match. LOL.

The one thing I do hate about blogspot vs. myspace is that image size is limited. But I guess that's a good thing considering some folks get image happy with their pages. So it's all good.

This actually inspired me to start working on a Black History calendar for 2010. Too late for this year, plus it gives me more time to do more works to add to it.


Jay_fever said...

Whats funny is that it took me a day to see the dude hanging in the back. I'm like what is e talking bout this is hardly controversial...lol

Phellah G said...

LOL. I had to shrink the image in order to see the whole piece, so it definitely get lost the smaller the image gets.

Plus, I didn't want it to be too revealing, but kinda in the background & not even a thought, since that was the attitude back during that period when it came to the lives of Blacks. So I'm kinda glad you didn't catch it right on, b/c I wanted it to have that delayed "shock" factor.